Katara Towers Qatar

We are delighted to announce five pieces of Michael’s work have been commissioned for the presidential suite in the Katara Towers, Qatar. The Katara Tower (also known as the Crescent Tower Lusail), is a high rise tower in Lusail, Qatar. This luxury 5-star and 6-star hotel was opened in 2022.

Katara Towers, Qatar

Michael was commissioned in 2021 through Artlink London (https://www.artlink.com/) to create four uniquely Thacker sculptures, which are to be displayed in the presidential suite of the Katara Towers.

Mantle, Interval, Phase & Bound

'Mantle', 'Interval', 'Phase' & 'Bound' - All Ruivina Marble and Gold Leaf.
Below is a quick video from inside the presidential suite - and the fifth sculpture 'Veil' carved from Moleanos Limestone and Gold Leaf)

Katara Towers, Qatar